Soft Ceiling

Soft Ceiling looks at images not as definite moments but as malleable surfaces to bend and press into. Fragments congeal before the mass is pulled apart and forms reconfigure. A room unfurling from a fold of scrap fabric, a single surface creeping past a boundary. A plush plaque. Reciting a word until it sheds its sense. 

While making these works I have been thinking about the expansive possibilities of image making. To construct spaces on a screen is to build without the constraints of the physical world. A texture detaches from its host. A dream imaged, holding still long enough to examine the seams - slipping under such scrutiny. Photogrammetry gives three-dimensional form back to objects flattened by the act of photographing. Captured on screen they are once again affixed to a plane. Resulting images offer source material to pullback into the tactile world, an image becomes a pattern from which to shape an object. The desktop is a permeable membrane.

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